In 2002, we set out to change the way employees feel about wearing uniforms and how management embraces outfitting their organization's most trusted asset: its people.

Nothing says more about our company than the company we keep.

From clients who are the gold-standard in their respective industries, to best in class vendor-partners that help bring our vision to market to the passionate members of the ICO team who work hard and smart to execute the company's mission of providing styilsh wear-to-work clothing with the highest level of service.

Inspired service

We follow the Golden Rule, share our passion, and own our mistakes. If you encounter an issue with one of our products or are displeased in any way, give us a ring, or shoot us a note. You're sure to find an individual eager to make things right for you. No lip service, just action.

Fashion comes and goes but style, style is timeless. And we're all about style.

Scott Turk & Jim Turk, ICO Uniforms Founders


We help style-driven clients and dress their people in clothing
that makes them feel good about themseleves and the company.

Extensive In-Stock Line

Extensive In-Stock Line

Many Styles, Multiple fits, NO Inventory Commitment.

Design Capabilities

Custom Design Capabilities

Leading-edge Designers and Stylists to help curate your look. Leading-edge Design, Style and Curatorial Services.

Complete Size Range

Complete Size Range

00-34W for Ladies and the compliment for Men. Petites, Talls, Longs and Shorts. Everybody gets to look great.

Company Storefronts

Company Storefronts

Fully-branded and highly flexible e-company store platforms for all program sizes.

Supply Chain

Flexible Supply Chain

Offshore + Nearshore Manufacturing = Quality, Service, Speed, Value

Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

A team that knows you and your business, committed to your program's success.

Integration & Reporting

Integration & Reporting

Inter-company connectivity for process and system efficiencies. Get up to the minute data and program information.

Intra-company Marketing

Intra-company Marketing

Program Promotion and communication to drive participation and ensure success.